• Lyn Cruickshank

Create once, use anywhere.

Master the digital health ecosphere with modular content

Early last year, the global marketing director of a large multi-national pharmaceutical company stated that they needed to produce 3 x more content since the start of the pandemic. They weren’t alone.

With the internet now the only consistent route to market, many companies needed to quickly upscale their content operations, just to maintain their place in the digital health ecosphere.

For many, a modular content strategy has provided a future-proof solution. It’s a simple approach that is based on a simple principle. Create once, use anywhere.

The idea of a modular content strategy is to create content in blocks. Each consisting of a key fact, claim or message – in various tactical formats - together with any illustrations, infographics or animations and links to supporting references. At Wallace Health, we call these Single Message Assets, and they are the foundation of every great content strategy.

Think, how often in your organisation does content get created and recreated every year by siloed teams, all trying to say the same thing but in a slightly different way?

Once approved, each single source of modular content is stored in a central repository, ready to be re-used multiple times.

There are many benefits to modular content.

  • The time-consuming task of medical and commercial approvals is significantly reduced. Pre-approved assets can be dropped into any piece and reviewers only need to check the context, but not the content again

  • You can respond to digital trends within hours – not weeks. Teams can respond quickly with pre-approved, publication-ready content

  • Consistency of message and a unique brand voice is maintained across teams and markets

  • It’s measurable. By quantifying how often your modular content is used, you can take a granular approach to ROI

Veeva has developed a modular content review platform for the Life Sciences. They estimate the cost and time efficiencies compared with traditional content creation and review are significant.

Source: veeva.com

A modular content plan allows teams to be agile and innovative, focusing on a proactive agenda, yet still responding quickly and at scale.

By optimising content creation and improving efficiencies, it’s easy to see how modular content strategy deliver value to the business. To see your modular content library build, is to know that you have built a lasting brand asset. One that allows your business to stay in the conversation and fully participate in the digital health ecosphere, while you focus your resource on what you want to say next.

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