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#State your purpose – the art of Twitter

Updated: Jan 2

According to Twitter’s business team, ‘Twitter is the best place to have conversations that support, educate and delight people. It’s a place for authentic interactions.’ So, what does authentic mean in the context of a corporate Twitter account? The dictionary definition is ‘of undisputed origin and not a copy: genuine’. Many in the industry still remember some of the early pharma Twitter accounts, one in particular used such low quality, poorly planned and regurgitated content that some questioned if it was fake.

However, authenticity in the sense of corporate voice means a lot more than this. PR agency, Cohn and Wolfe in their report Authenticity and Transparency – a new communications landscape – describe authenticity as, ‘the courage of your convictions to stand in front of your audience and explain what you do and how you operate.’

Burson Marsteller’s, the Power of Purpose, says, ‘authenticity comes when companies reflect their corporate purpose in every word and action’.

It’s a powerful idea. Think of a Twitter feed as a constant progress update on your direction of travel in achieving corporate purpose. Do this and it becomes much easier to find a clear and compelling voice. Twitter is full of examples of companies achieving this.

Shipping giant, Maersk has brought its corporate purpose to life in a Twitter feed that has been acclaimed in social media circles. Their corporate purpose is, ‘We love trade. It allows ideas to travel, drives businesses to grow, allows people to prosper.’ This plays out in Tweets of huge container ships sailing in and out of exciting destinations around the world and stories of people from every corner of the world who are making their way in life. You are left with no doubt that everyone is benefiting from this business.

Finally, if you want to change perception that big pharma is interested only in profit, don’t reinforce those views by using Twitter to announce profits. People who want the numbers, know where to find them. Your financial results are just the outputs from your successful pursuit of corporate purpose – talk about that.

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