Wallace Health is a medical and health content agency with a track record of creating campaigns, patient education, branded content and medical information for the pharmaceutical and consumer health sectors. 


Founded by Lyn Cruickshank, our agency is independently owned and has a reputation for delivering high-quality content-based briefs on time and on budget. Our professional teams include copywriters, designers and content producers, all with health and pharmaceutical experience and relevant life science degrees.  

Our product is up-to-the minute digital savvy, blended with creative sparkle and a solid foundation in pharmaceutical and health content marketing. We use insights and storytelling techniques, bringing together our creative talents, scientific knowledge and digital skills to create compelling and persuasive content. Our wide knowledge of therapy areas and director-led approach means we are a trusted agency partner that enjoys collaborating with global teams and agencies to bring value to every brief.


Pharmaceuticals and medical devices

OTC and consumer health

Supplements and functional foods

Hospitals and healthcare providers

Medical equipment

Healthcare infrastructure and support services



Managing Director

Founder of Wallace Health, Lyn has a longstanding career in health and pharmaceutical advertising working with global organisations and start-ups in almost every therapy area. Her expertise in strategy and creative flair drives many of the agency’s award-winning campaigns – and her passion for achieving excellence in health communications has become our North Star.


Head of Content

A captivation with human biology and our interactions with the world around us is what drove Steph to study Pharmacology and then move into healthcare communications. She loves working with clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, digging deep into scientific topics and reworking complex research into meaningful messages that resonate.


Head of Design

As our senior creative, Bella has gained experience across property, entertainment, corporate and finance before finding her heart in health and projects where there is always scope to learn and evolve. It allows her to exercise so many of the things she loves and excels at in design; data visualisation, storytelling and a passion for brand identity and ‘tangible things’.


The world is changing, yet through the strength of our agency team, embedded quality processes and our pride in everything we do, we continue to deliver the highest quality content. We make it happen!