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Purpose: To help guide the team and ensure our work and services to our clients are conducted legally and in the most ethical way possible. To ensure any clients we work with are compliant with the laws and regulations governing their industry. 


Honesty in marketing 


At Wallace Health, we are committed to absolute honesty in our own marketing and in the marketing we do for our clients.


We don’t use dishonest marketing tactics in campaigns including false advertising such as exaggerating the benefits of services, fake reviews or inflated analytics or results.


We don’t focus on specific points in our communications which aren’t representative of our or the client’s overall impact.


We only use content and wording which realistically describes the products or services we are promoting.

Ongoing assessment of campaign strategies 

When planning and executing campaigns, we review our work to ensure we are continually being honest in our marketing. We keep the points below in mind when producing campaigns for Wallace Health and our clients.  


  • Are we clearly communicating the product or service’s value without exaggerating or misleading our target audience?  

  • Are we using content and wording which honestly communicates the features and benefits of the products and services?  

  • Are we using accurate quotes when sharing reviews and testimonials?  

  • Are we using honest and accurate data when promoting features, benefits and impact of products and services?  


Committed to rejecting impact washing 

Impact washing is when a business claims or implies it is making more of a social and environmental impact than they actually are. 

We don’t exaggerate impact through inflating numbers, selecting data or case studies which aren’t truly representative.


We don’t make unrealistic claims about expected results. 


We don’t share stories which aren’t rooted in an authentic mission or intention for good. 


We are honest and transparent about the social and environmental impacts of our work and our client’s work.


We review strategies and campaigns to ensure they are not engaging in impact washing. 


Commitment to cultural sensitivity


We avoid any exploitation, appropriation or stereotyping of underrepresented or historically oppressed people or groups in marketing content.


We have internal training to increase awareness of cultural sensitivity and inclusiveness. 

Ethical digital marketing


We are committed to ensuring the accuracy and ethics of the content we produce and promote through digital marketing techniques.


We always put the user first, focus on value and create content that aligns with our mission and our client’s mission. 

We create valuable content which people will want to read or link to and properly use redirects to help users find the right content. 

We don’t use automated, stolen or plagiarised content to build ours or our client’s websites. 

Laws and regulations 

We are compliant with all laws and regulations associated with advertising and marketing health including the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), Association of the British HealthTech Industry (ABHI) and Medicines Act and their equivalent in other markets and countries. 


We screen our clients to ensure they comply with all governing bodies and trading practices for the products and services they provide including with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA), the General Pharmaceutical Council and relevant government departments. 


We are GDPR compliant. 

Updating practices 

As technologies and regulations change in future, we will update our ways of working to ensure we continue to deliver ethical marketing.  

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