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Haematological cancers are difficult to diagnose in primary care. When GenesisCare launched a Rapid Access Haematology service, we supported with a content campaign directed at GPs and symptomatic patients. It included GP and patient-facing clinic landing pages and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment pages for leukaemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, myeloma and myeloproliferative disorders. To increase traffic to the client site, we also prepared a patient case study and blog for GPs, and a GP email campaign (which achieved a record CTR). A ‘red flags in primary care’ educational blog was written for GP Online and achieved a significant uplift in search rankings for six months.



2021 was our biggest content year to date, with new clients coming on board looking to upscale their content production to keep pace with the shift to digital health.  In six months, we researched, wrote, fact-checked and delivered 900,000 words of top quality, fully optimized, uniquely brand-centric medical content.  Most of it is already online – ready and waiting to be found.

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As Zoom replaced the consulting rooms during the pandemic, a group of breast surgeons at leading cancer specialist, GenesisCare began to look for new tools to help them support their patients. This series of illustrations was developed to explain concepts of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in a reassuring, non-threatening way. They carefully and sensitively navigate topics such as surgery and chemotherapy and can be shared in a meeting and emailed as a follow-up. These illustrations were created by the Wallace medical content and design teams, to the client’s unique brand style.

GenesisCare Medical Illustrations


In March, as the world’s scientific community began to mobilise their efforts in search of a vaccine for Covid-19, ERT needed a suite of up-to-the-minute comms materials for their own Vaccines solution. In a few short weeks, we created a comprehensive sales tool kit, capturing key differentiators and addressing the very specific challenges faced by the CROs setting up vaccine clinical trials.



Testosterone Deficiency could affect up to 8% of men over the age of 50 years, resulting in a range of debilitating symptoms including reduced energy levels, muscle mass and sexual function. Treatment is with a testosterone replacement therapy, such as Testogel which is available on prescription. The T Track app was designed, written and built by Wallace Health to support patients through their treatment, keeping track of the testosterone levels and prompting reminders to take medication on time. 



UrologyHub was created for rapid access urology services across GenesisCare UK. Our client needed something that appealed to a wide audience with a diverse range of urological conditions – most of which would not be cancer-related. Our solution is consistent with the GenesisCare branding, yet creates a fresh and non-threatening look and feel. Collateral includes web, e-brochures, display ads, emails and social content.



Spire Healthcare is a leading independent hospital group delivering high standards of care to insured, self-pay and NHS patients across 39 hospitals and eight clinics. They commissioned Wallace Health to create content for their new patient website – patient information, treatments, conditions and symptoms pages – 800 pages in total. Working alongside the clinical and web-development teams, we delivered this content to meet project deadlines.



Specialist sleep company, Simba, asked us to create content for their ‘science of sleep’ project. This aimed to educate followers how to achieve the best nights’ sleep possible and included a series of questions that would identify which seven Sleep Personas best described their sleep style, for example a night owl or an early bird.  Content was used on the website and social, resulting in 5,000 additional leads in the first 3 months.



The BCA1 test is a new genomic profiling test, able to predict probability of bladder cancer recurrence by analysing for specific genetic markers in a urine sample. The test has an overall sensitivity of 95%, although it is currently not widely used in a clinical setting.  Wallace Health was commissioned to create the content, design and digital tools for launch, including a patient and HCP facing website and a patient platform where test outcomes are delivered in a secure environment.



Solatumfarma is a medical device company marketing a niche portfolio of high-quality products across everyday therapy and treatment areas. We were engaged to create brand, HCP and patient content for their urology portfolio which included sodium hyaluronate GAG Replenishers for the treatment of interstitial cystitis. Our brief included detail aids, web content and a successful LinkedIn lead generation campaign to provide samples to urologists. 



GenesisCare is a leading provider of advanced cancer care and is building a reputation for working with leading clinicians to deliver advanced and innovative treatments. Our brief is to develop content that demonstrates the strength and quality of their proposition, such as this series of Clinical Innovation Journals, summarising pivotal studies in breast cancer radiotherapy and MR-guided radiotherapy.

Breast Journal_LG.jpg


The UK’s leading probiotic skincare brand, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare approached Wallace Health to help explain the science of probiotics to their customers. We used story-telling techniques to explain how probiotic skincare targets cellular inflammation to help regulate the skin’s immune response. A simple logo mechanism was created to visual the probiotic mode of action and key benefits. This was then brought to life in an explainer animation, showing the ingredient mode of action and product benefits.


Animalcare has a range of products for peri-operative care and wanted to bring them together under an umbrella brand to enable the focus on a portfolio-sell. Our solution was to create a digital brand, THE PAC, together with a content-rich membership-only platform and a series of pain management apps. It was launched with a campaign, MEET THE PAC, JOIN THE PAC which resulted in more than 100 veterinary practices signed up in the first month alone!

The PAC.jpg


Our client, Alliance Medical provides medical imaging services – mostly to NHS hospitals and CCGs across the UK. We provide specialist content creation services to support them with their communications to decision-makers as well as patient information materials, including leaflets and video content.

Alliance Medical.jpg


Neuro-Compass is an educational and resources website for clinicians involved in the diagnosis and management of multiple sclerosis, (MS). We were engaged to undertake a full redesign, including a comprehensive content analysis, user journey and UX review.   



Treat and Daily Care is a concept from GSK Stiefel to promote their skincare brands across their Rx and CH portfolio. It consolidates research and best practice guidelines for management of skin conditions to provide a practical, solutions-driven approach to meeting patient need. Wallace Health created the content around a series of case studies centred around typical disease-based patient scenarios. Campaign materials included e-detail aids, emails, infographics, ‘how to’ guides and animations.

GSK Stiefel_01.jpg


With a unique approach to brain health, Heights is a new subscription service providing advice on maintaining cognitive performance together with a specially formulated supplement. Wallace supported the brand and web content agency by providing regulatory advice about health and performance claims. We are delighted to see they have achieved so much early success and fantastic customer reviews!   



Specials, or unlicensed medicines, are prescribed to patients when there is no licensed medicine formulation available. The Association of Pharmaceutical Specials Manufacturers is the UK representative body and Wallace Health is retained to provide communications support. This entails creating a centralised information resource about specials, together with tools, white papers and downloads which can be accessed by stakeholders, journalists, pharmacists and patients.


If Highrise were to be a content and branding agency, I'd like it to be Wallace Health!  I've had the chance to work directly with Lyn in the past, and the quality of her and the teams' work was outstanding

Charles Tourny, co founder, Highrise