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Video improves content performance across every metric

It’s integral to a successful content strategy and part of every channel and campaign where you have engagement and conversion goals. Video allows you to inform and connect with your audience, tell stories and fuel conversions. There’s a huge appetite for video and with the right strategy, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Let's talk video. 

Including video on a web page increases dwell time and can boost conversion rates by 80%

How will you be making the most of health video in 2024?

Wallace Health offers an expert end-to-end service. We create health video for HCPs and patients. Here’s what we do


•    Insights and strategy

•    Medical content and compliance

•    HCP sourcing and training

•    In-house film and production

•    Activation and optimisation

•    Data and measurement


It’s about engaging with your audience by meeting their needs. There are many content gaps waiting to be filled with the right content, expertly produced and activated with a solid strategy. Ready to get a head start? 

Why partner with Wallace for health video?

Wallace Health is an expert healthcare marketing communications agency. Our specialist strategists, medical writers and content producers are experienced in creating videos for digital marketing. We work with qualified healthcare professionals and our own film team, balancing medical and commercial objectives to bring your health message to life.

Choose from these popular health video formats

Customer support.jpg
Customer support 

Retain and generate loyalty by tackling frequently asked questions and offering patient education.

Interviews with experts1.jpg
Interviews with experts 

Share your expertise by hosting opinions for authoritative sources.

Day in the life.jpg
Day in the life 

Go behind the scenes with empathy, understanding and storytelling.

How to videos.jpg
'How to' videos

Provide expert advice such as living with a condition and managing symptoms.


Simplify complex medical concepts. 

Social reels_stories.jpg
Social reels/stories

Connect more frequently with simple videos that connect with your audience.


Deep dive into topics and show your authority and expertise with HCPs and patient webinars.


Comment on health trends and challenge misinformation.

Patient testimonial.jpg
Patient testimonials

Humanise your brand and build trust with real stories and experiences.

And we can include the PIF TICK (trusted health content mark) to boost your video on the YouTube platform.

2024 is the year of health video. Why?

It’s an opportunity for expertise


YouTube is creating a health shelf and prioritising credible, quality health content. Be part of this and unleash the power of video with Wallace Health.

BTS video.jpg

Demand for content  
On YouTube alone there were 1108bn+ views of health videos in 2023 

(Source: YouTube Health)

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