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Why choose a B Corp healthcare communications agency?

Updated: Apr 24

Going through the B Corp process – and successfully gaining certification at the end of last year – gave us a stronger sense of our values as an agency.

It made us formally consider and commit to our social and environmental goals and to document policies and processes.

Being a B Corp is about making business a force for good. You become part of a network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet.

Being a B Corp is about making business a force for good

Having B Corp certification allows us to demonstrate that we are a progressive and purposeful business which wants to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

As a client, this means that when you work with us, you can feel reassured you are supporting an ethical and sustainable business that cares about its clients, its employees and the wider world.

Demonstrating impact

There are five pillars in the B Corp assessment – governance, workers, environment, community and customers. To gain certification, we had to answer questions in each of these sections about how we work with all our stakeholders.

We had to

  • Demonstrate how we manage the impact and value created for our clients through quality control and client satisfaction mechanisms

  • Show there were policies and procedures in place to manage the privacy and security of client data

  • Share our ethical marketing policy

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.


Building relationships based on trust

We are legally bound to consider the impacts of our decisions on our team, clients, suppliers, community and the environment

Being a B Corp healthcare communications agency involves maintaining high standards. It means being transparent and accountable across all aspects of the business and with all your stakeholders. We are legally bound to consider the impacts of our decisions on our team, clients, suppliers, community and the environment.

In the spirit of B Corp our Client Service Charter sets out how we aim to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients based on trust, professionalism and mutual success. The charter shares how we understand our clients’ needs and outlines our commitment to quality and to helping clients achieve their goals, as well as open communication and transparent pricing.

It includes how we work with our clients to embed their values and practices of inclusivity and sustainability and how our ethical marketing policy means we don’t use dishonest marketing tactics in campaigns such as exaggerating the benefits of services, fake reviews or inflated analytics or results.

As a client or supplier, working with a B Corp allows you to truly align your values and purpose with a company who understands your ethos.


In it for the long term

According to research on the UK B Corp community from B Lab UK in 2021, compared to other SMEs, B Corp SMEs have on average higher levels of innovation, more robust governance processes and place higher importance on civic and community engagement. And they have a faster annual growth in turnover.

B Corp companies are in it for the long-term. The commitment to people, planet and profit is part of our culture. We must undergo the verification process every three years to recertify. And we must be focused on continuous improvement - which helps us to be more resilient.

With increasing pressure from investors and customers for companies to demonstrate their environmental and social impact, a B Corp certification is a mark of trust.

As a client, you can be confident in the knowledge you are working with a company that is achieving high standards of performance, accountability and transparency. And that’s a great start.

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