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Veterinary care


Digital content marketing

The Task

Animalcare has a range of products for peri-operative care and wanted to bring them together under an umbrella brand to enable the focus on a portfolio-sell. The strategy was to offer this new brand as part of a bigger value proposition, whereby customers – in this case veterinary practices – could access a series of benefits via a digital platform, in return for product loyalty.


Our solution was to create a digital brand, THE PAC, together with a membership only platform and a series of pain management apps. It included;

  • THE PAC logo is a digital-first design. It is simple, memorable and campaignable – MEET THE PAC, JOIN THE PAC

  • THE PAC promotional materials uses emotive images showing real-life scenarios of veterinary nurses and animals/patients

  • A bespoke digital platform allows different levels of member access to THE PAC and includes resources such as digital downloads

  • The peri-operative pain scale tools were transformed from paper into easy-to-use apps, accessibly only via THE PAC platform


More than 100 veterinary practices signed up in the first month alone! All targets are exceeded.

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