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Omnichannel ready






Content Strategy

The Task

Our client is a leading global brand providing genomic insights for breast and ovarian cancer. They hired Wallace to help them establish omnichannel activity across their international business, to raise awareness and deliver leads.

Genomics social campaign
Genomics case study


Our strategic approach:


Implemented a content audit, prioritised assets for review and identified new needs and formats based on strategic goals.


Worked with internal teams to establish organisational readiness, including access to the digital tools and social channels and aligning with existing processes. 


Activation and outreach programme to deliver key messages and integrate new branding.

Does your content need to work harder?

Our proven approach to content strategy will establish priorities and enable you to unlock the value of an ‘always on’ evergreen content programme. If you’d like to book a Content Strategy Health Check with our strategy team, please get in touch to find out what’s involved.

Content Strategy Health Check

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