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Changing behaviour




Medical devices


SEO + lead gen

The Task

CliniMed supplies urinary continence products and wanted to test the opportunity to build a database of people with symptoms of undiagnosed urinary incontinence.  


Many believe that bladder leaks are a natural part of ageing and so do not seek medical advice in the early stages. Our task was to educate people that bladder leaks aren’t normal and to encourage them to take action by monitoring symptoms. We also wanted to capture names.


We identified key search queries that were consistent with undiagnosed urinary incontinence. We then targeted them with a lead generation campaign.


We created an empathetic and relatable creative theme showing ‘cartoon versions’ of real people and asking, ‘is a leaky bladder getting in your way?’.  


The message was played out through Facebook ads and Google. A landing page that talked about symptoms and encouraged visitors to track their bladder leaks using a bladder diary to see if they should see a GP.


Downloading the diary gave us our data capture.


There were 5000 landing page views during the test campaign – a 4.7% conversion. And 232 bladder diary downloads and leads captured. It achieved goals as a top of funnel campaign to prompt behaviour change. 

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