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Content marketing

The Task

MRI-guided Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) is a new paradigm in radiotherapy treatment, allowing real-time adaptive treatment of tumours that move or are difficult to reach. It is transforming the standard of care for difficult-to-reach tumours and oligometastatic disease. Our client, GenesisCare, is the first in the UK to offer MRIdian MRI-guided treatment outside research use. 

A content campaign engages and educates surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. These are some of the outputs.

GenesisCare case
John Conibear


This omnichannel content campaign included:


Clinical summaries

Summarising and presenting published studies, to support evidence-based protocols.


Case studies

Working with clinicians to develop and share real-world examples of care.



Dedicated HCP web pages, including educational resources and referral support.


Social media 

Case studies, new study evidence data and downloadable assets.


Clinician brochures

A suite of e-brochures for use by the sales teams.


GenesisCare is an established centre of excellence for MRIdian MR-guided radiotherapy. Their clinicians are recognised as KOLs and are supported with a rich and continuous source of high-quality clinical and educational content.  

Please get in touch to see more content marketing case studies. 



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