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6 content must-dos for 2024

What are the key trends and innovations that will shape the way we create health content in 2024?  Here are the six things the Wallace Health team will be focusing on with our clients.



Show you’re a trusted source with the ‘PIF TICK’


Work with ‘Trusted Content Creators’ who are approved by the Patient Information Forum (PIF) to produce expert content that meets the needs of patients.   


They can apply the ‘PIF TICK’, an independently assessed quality mark for trusted health information. It's part of an international initiative (WHO, YouTube Health) to clean up the internet of misleading health facts.


Content that carries the 'TICK’ is instantly elevated in the eyes of your patients, your HCPs and the increasing number of digital channels who now recognise the mark.



Unlock the power of video with the 'health shelf'


YouTube announced its mission to counter medical misinformation on social media. With 3bn+ views of health videos in 2022, the largest video view social platform is working with credible partners to build a new tier of ‘super content’ - The YouTube health shelf.


Unlike traditional brand videos it's about engaging with your audience by answering their specific health needs. There are many content gaps waiting to be filled with the right content, expertly produced and activated with a solid strategy.


You need 1,500 viewing hours over 12 months to qualify. Wallace Health has an end-to-end service to help achieve this.



Get an AI plan. And get started


9 in 10 people can spot content generated on Bard or ChatGPT, according to one study. But there are plenty of other ways that AI can improve the efficiency of content generation.


For example, AI can quickly curate vast amounts of content, giving useful audience insights for personalising content, allowing you to do more, better and faster.


Remember that what goes into these tools can very often end up being shared with the rest of world. A good starting point is to set up AI guidelines for content creators together with a vision for how it’s going to add value. 


Work with your agency partners to find the tools that will work for your business.  



Focus on Health Literacy


4 in 10 people have a hard time understanding health information, says NHS research. This monster of a problem is called health literacy. And if you don’t address it, you get significant drop-off when people try – and struggle – to engage with your content.


We’re talking about people’s ability to access, understand, and use health information to make informed choices. Low health literacy isn’t always about educational skills. University graduates struggle to understand health information too – almost 1 in 3 found one study.


To know more about how to create clear, clean and compelling health content, check out our blog.




Don’t rely on the data alone.  Ask users


Actionable data drives successful content and there’s a myriad of tools to provide it. For content marketers under pressure to deliver value these data are reassuring.


But don’t lose sight of users.


Too many content strategies start with great user insights, but never check back in. Entire projects are completed without speaking again to the target audience. 


You need qualitative as well as quantitative data to constantly refine what you’re doing. Even on a limited budget, you’ll find more insights than you expected.




Content performance is a priority.  Set KPIs and track your success


According to Veeva, the top three KPIs for health and medical content are speed to market, customer satisfaction and content reuse. Yet in a survey 50% said they can’t measure content performance and don’t have clearly defined performance indicators.


Content should be an investment – not a cost.


Approach 2024 with a dashboard ready to demonstrate the impact of every piece, and a utilisation plan for how you’re going to get full value from your star content.


Where to start? Talk to us about an introductory content review and tips on a high-performance content strategy.




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